About Weathermat.com

At R. C. Weatherman & Son, Inc., Quality and Service are our top priorities, and that has been the case for three generations of our family who have operated the company.

Not R.C. Weatherman - When our company was started, Warren Harding was President of the United States.

Our company began when R. C. Weatherman, Sr., a World War I veteran, supported his family through the Great Depression by providing rubber linkmats. He used surplus rubber and eventually sold his wares to a multi-state clientele.

R. C., Jr., a veteran of World War II, carried on the legacy by expanding the mat product line and the market penetration.

Today, R. C., III (better known as Randy) is dedicated to the same principles handed down from the previous generations. With the aid of technology and an ever-expanding product offering, the company is committed to continued success into the 21st Century.